Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching assists individuals in preventing disease, healing disease, creating positive lifestyle habits and improving self image. Like life coaching, health coaching is focused on making practical decisions about next steps in life, and aides in breaking down goals into action steps to achieve optimal well-being. By taking life one day at a time, and setting realistic goals and expectations for oneself, the process of improving overall health becomes a lot less cumbersome and a whole lot more attainable;)

If you are unsure about your wellness path, can’t seem to get a grip on creating healthy habits (and making them stick), or just want to look and feel “better”, then Wellness Coaching may be right for you! Still have questions? The first session is free! No matter what steps you take here at Maximize Fitness, whether it’s just signing up for a membership or inquiring about personal training, we take the time to understand your health history, goals, wants and needs to evaluate you as a whole person and help guide you on your health and fitness path. We want to educate you, empower you, help you feel better, and offer support in any capacity we can. And that’s a promise!

  • Assessments
  • Health History
  • Whole-Health Make-over
  • Family Function
  • Individualized
  • Day-to-Day

*$80-$100 per session