Corporate Wellness

Benefits of Employee Wellness Programs

Employee stress was the #1 workplace complaint across the U.S. in 2018.

When you have unhappy, unhealthy employees, your company pays for it. Employee wellness programs can increase workplace productivity, boost moral, reduce stress, and improve efficacy.

By investing in employee health, the employer can reduce health care costs, increase vitality and diminish the rate of absent employees.

Proven workplace wellness statistics include:

  • 59% of Companies agree that workplace wellness reduces healthcare costs
  • 30% decrease in workers compensation and disability management claims
  • 28% fewer sick days
  • 70% of employees state they would enroll in workplace wellness if their employer offered it
  • For every $1 spent, $3 is saved on medical claims
  • Increases referrals of good new candidates

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Why Maximize Fitness?

Maximize Fitness can tailor your program specific to the needs of your employees, your time and your budget. From Biggest Loser programs, to Bootcamps, and coordinating pot lucks, with cooking demos, there is a program that meets the needs of your employer while keeping your employees engaged and motivated. We currently work with your fellow community partners, and would love to share our successes build camaraderie with your team as well! Maximize Fitness will be the wellness leader in 2019 for the following companies:

  • Beckett Gas, Strongsville
  • Beckett Gas, North Ridgeville
  • RW Beckett, North Ridgeville
  • R&K Technologies
  • Hinkley Lighting, Avon Lake

Interested in lowering your insurance premiums and creating a healthier, happier work environment?